CLC Music has a new blog!


You’ve picked a great day to visit! I’m just rolling out this music blog. Subscribe for news, updates, and reminders (like, choir rehearsal, which Sundays we sing — you know!).

Note: If you were already subscribed to my reminder list, you can rest easy. I’ve already subscribed you to this blog, so you’ll hear from me.

You may want to consider your subscription group. So far, we have these groups:

  • Angel Choir
  • Worship Choir
  • Worship News

You’ll only get announcements and news for the group you’re in. For instance, if you’re in the Angel Choir group, you will only get notices for posts about the Angel choir. You can sign up for more than one group. Just fill out the subscription form, and click as many items as you like.

Thanks again for visiting!




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