How to buy an organ, part 1

Greetings! The news is out: We’re getting a new organ, thanks to a generous bequest from Sylvia Coulter and a request from her family that some of the money be used to replace the organ.

We have a Viscount Unico 600 Custom organ in production (in Italy) right now! But don’t get too excited — we have months to go before it’s installed.

I’ve had some questions about how we got to this particular organ. In the next several installments, I’ll tell the whole story — and along the way, maybe you’ll pick up a few interesting details about life the world of organs.

First things first: Where do you start when you go shopping for an organ?

Have you ever been strolling through your local shopping mall and happened on a Big Organ Show Room? Continue reading “How to buy an organ, part 1”

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